Belly Dance Lesson by Ozlem Idilsu

Özlem Idilsu is an international dancer, teacher, choreographer based in Istanbul.

Her studies include oriental dance, contemporary dance and classical ballet and Turkish and Arabic folk dances. She studied English linguistics at Stockholm University and Turkish and Turkic Languages at Uppsala University, and studied as an exchange student at Boğaziçi University. Currently, she is receiving Clinical Dance Movement Therapy education under Dr. Marcia Leventhal and Dr. Ilene Serlin from International Institute for Advanced Practice in Dance Movement Therapy in association with Safir Education and Psychological Counselling Center, and doing her internship with young adults with down syndrome, autism, mental retardation. She’s based in Istanbul, performing and teaching dance, facilitating interdisciplinary creative dance activities, and instructing pilates classes.

Özlem’s studies, experiences, cultural and technical background make her a rare source of insightful knowledge about the cultural and historical side of oriental dance. She is versed in both Turkish and Arabic styles, performs both classical and fusion styles of oriental dance, bringing out her own character and imagination.

She is fluent in English and Swedish. Her personal interests include swimming, TRX training, yoga, psychology, the use of expressive arts for personal development and heavy \m/etal.

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