Istanbul Conquest Prayer at Santa Sophia Museum Square


Istanbul Conquest Prayer at Santa Sophia Museum Square Thousands gather to mark the 563rd anniversary of the Conquest of Istanbul by performing prayer in fSanta Sophia Museum Squareront of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia Museum Square . 27 May 2016 – 28 May 2016 Built in the sixth century, the Hagia Sophia, which means Holy Wisdom in Greek, […]


Street Photography Workshops in Istanbul


Street Photography Workshops in Istanbul Eyup Balat Golden Horn Fatih Istanbul Istanbul is an enchanting city of ancient beauty and modern charm . . .. . . if you know where to look.Let the experts and artists of Istanbul Life ORG takes you on a tour of this diverse city, specially tailored for the photographer or […]


Jewish Heritage Tour in Istanbul By Istanbul Life ORG


We had a lovely family from USA . Mr Jay Strauss and their family were so happy after the tour and we took their wonderful photos ..   If you would like to have Jewish Heritage Tour with us please check it out our website E-Mail : Cell : 0090 533 738 58 62 […]